• Straight off, I must admit that I’m not actually a one-handed man; both my hands are still there, it’s just that only one of them works. It hasn’t always been this way, however. Until I was forty-six years old, I had full use of them both. As you might imagine, I had grown quite accustomed to being wrong with both hands. But then again, I’ve come to learn that being wrong is just one of many things you can just as easily do with one hand as with two. I am kidding about being wrong, of course but it’s true; I never fully realized how many things I was doing with two hands for which I only needed one.
    As it went, my two-handed life ended abruptly and violently when a careless driver pulled out in front of me and stopped as I was zipping home from a training ride in August, 2012. Needless to say, I didn’t make it home that night. In fact, I almost did not make it home at all. The universe, however, had other plans for me and was not ready to let me go just yet. Under the watchful eye of my Angels (and a little help from a nondenominational morphine drip), I hung in there.
    Today, nearly 21 months later, I’m still here, living the Newly Revised Edition of my life. And while I am, indeed, hanging in there, some days I still feel more as if I’m “hanging” than I actually feel “in there,” so to speak.
    Even so, I live gratefully and joyfully, with a new sense of purpose that I wouldn’t have had if my accident I had never occurred. Today, the many hours every week I used to spend on my bicycle I now put towards more productive pursuits, including the lighthearted entries I make here.
    But make no mistake about it-like everyone, I suppose, I’m a work in progress, and always will be.
    As my life unfolds before me, I have a renewed sense of excitement and a new sense of purpose unlike any I could’ve previously imagined.
    So, while this blog’s purpose was originally intended to be a catalyst for my emotional healing-though I believe strongly in the power of the mind-body connection- it is also becoming a sort of journal for me, my friends and loved ones. No less important is my hope that my words can bring a little comfort to anybody who once felt they’d been on top of the game of Life one day only to find themselves feeling suddenly powerless and alone the next.
    To everyone who has been there for me throughout my healing journey, particularly Kami-who will forever be The Love of My Life-I Say Thank You, God Bless, and Hang in There!

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